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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Coyotes are intelligent animals

I have read in many tomes of the American Indian record of myth and folklore that Coyote was the wiliest of all god's creatures. Now I am ready to affirm that that is the case. Not long ago we, a few from my Church, (among whom are included the Rogers and the Corbins and my grandson Heath), went to Caprock Canyons State Park to camp out, swim in a lake and fish and hike for a couple of days and nights. One of the first of God's great creatures we saw was an Eagle rising to the heights from just in front of us as we bore down on him at 70 or so miles per hour. Later, as we enterd the park we were able to spy off down the canyon a Buffalo. How Noble, how serene, how bucolic and only partially prophetic.

As the others arrived, we began to pitch our tents and and wonder about the wandering about. One of the first items was to visit the small lake or large pond. A good time was had by all in splashing and wadiing even swimming in the fresh and bracing water as air temps climbed somewhere around 90' F. In the evening we enjoyed a meal of wiener dogs and beans and a round of stories and observatiojns of the wilds at night. The brightness of the stars, the normally unnoticed Milky Way, and the relieving slight breeze which seemed to keep the mosquitoes at bay.

As evening waxed into nightfall excitement was replaced with drowsiness and we all began to head for nod, But befoprehand I pulled out my pots and pnas and began to ready them for the expected use in the coming couple of days and nights, they did need a bit of curing after an extended time of disuse. cont'd later

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