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Monday, December 26, 2011

Tonight, as I sat on the Front Porch to read,

Aloud into the night, some Frost, warm as t'is cold,

Even though I may feel a bit old

First my dog, Ole Jake, gives me cheer

By reminding me, with the cock of an ear,

No matter what else I fear,

there are some I am chosen to lead.

For he goes and get's my mother dear

To open the door and set him loose

Whence he comes to set a spell and listen--

'Til my wife takes pity and let's him back in;

Telling me he's been awaiting on me.

Says I, "I like an audience!"

But in he goes to a warm bed now.

So on I shout to the cold crystal sky

And the winged creature with a four foot span

Who went who knows where just momments gone by.

Just then, dear John who happens nigh,

Called from the dark, "Robert! I was listening in!"

So I said, "Come on up, sit down, I have a chair."

"I stood outside the lamp light for awhile.

I hope you don't care."

"Not at all," I say with a smile.

"You read real good, I don't mind to say."

"Well you can't go wrong with some Frosty hay,

Though his meter's apt to get a tad bit lost."

So he asks for more, and on I drone,

All about Maple, or Mabel, as she was known.

There was one about a Christmas Tree,

But before that 'The Path less Taken'.  He,

John, says he memorized it once and quotes the ending paragraph. 

So I read it and it makes us part as we laugh,

Later, now, I'm pictures loading down and up,

As my wife gets ready to sleep I have sup't

At the table that my Lord has set,

And I think this may be the best Chrismas yet!

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