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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Stardate: 08192009AD

Mickey M. sits gazing into her eyes, knowing there has never been, and there is no, and there never will be another so fair and precious and beautiful as the one from whose limpid pools of sparkle and light he fertively draws his very essence. It seems to emanate from their glance. He has no other view but this, no other time but this, all action is paused for this: he begins a smoothe quick glide to his left and KISS KISS KISS...Minnie M. of course gathers his gaze as one picking big sweet delicious juicy apples, enchanted by his proffer and with her own return squeals quietly in delight. Mission accomplished!

I love my wife I believe since the beginning of time, today, of course, more than before because now I know her, and tomorrow because I cannot but do so.

Thank you, my love, thank you for our time, thank you for your love!

Robert to Kathy hers always and forever

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