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Monday, October 5, 2009

Can it be?

As recently as September 30, 2009 we, my pastor and several members of the church were discussing among other thigs, God's manifestatioin in our lives. Surely it wasn't just me. Then on Friday following that Wednesday i called the pastor to discuss a little further what I had uncovered in my study relating to the Hebrew resistance to the idea that Christ has already come based in Isaiah the second chapter which relates that the expected one will usher in an age of peace.

I have this 'new' watch. It is only three months old. It has too many bells and whixtles and is very large and cumbersome even on my large frame. The digital portion of its functions quit in its second week.

So I had called Dr. Rogers and surmised to him to him that while verse 4 seems to require peace at the Messiah's coming, previously in verse 2 is a description of the establishment of God's House on a high mountain, similar in connotation to that descent of the New Zion. The desscending of Zion has traditionally been connectred to Messiah's self prophecy of His second coming. It made profound sense to me, and simple Friday morning philosophy to Dr. Randy.

As I hung up I glanced at my watch to check the time on the swinging hands and noticed amazing rejubenation to the digital portion of my watch.

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